everyone that you’ve ever met is actually just arnold schwarzenegger dressed up in a costume. he is trying to prove once and for all that he is a good actor, and since i’m guessing you didn’t know this fact, he is one. you and arnie are actually the only two people on the world who have ever existed. even i am arnold. 

It’s really difficult for me to be happy. And then for other people it just seems so simple.They just grow up and they’re so fulfilled.

Young Adult (2011)


life partner


life partner

Billy On The Street: It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler!


 “There are a hundred kinds of grass out there, grasses as yellow as lemon and as dark as indigo, blue grasses and orange grasses and grasses like rainbows. Down in the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, they say there are oceans of ghost grass, taller than a man on horseback with stalks as pale as milkglass. It murders all other grass and glows in the dark with the spirits of the damned. The Dothraki claim that someday ghost grass will cover the entire world, and then all life will end.”

That thought gave Dany the shivers. “I don’t want to talk about that now,” she said. “It’s so beautiful here, I don’t want to think about everything dying.”


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

"i;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; di d NTO ha ve sexual relations wit h that woamn……………. i s w ea r to og d…… i cna’t sto p cryign;;;;;;; i ‘fm fre kagin otu;;;; ; i ne ver mean t to cause an ytrouble; jsu t sto p sendnig me a no n hate……………. p l e ase ogm"
— bill clinton (via jeffreyeugenides)
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Kit Harington   Men’s Health UK

make me choose
argentiels asked: daenerys targaryen or sansa stark

Title: London Bridge (Oh Shit)
Artist: Fergie
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When she said “Y’all ain’t ready for this” we truly we not ready.


[drug dealer voice] hey kid….u want some…..oh fUCk *1000 pictures of steve buscemi fall out of jacket*